Air Conditioning

For years air conditioning contractors have associated the term air conditioning with cooling the air. This is only partly true. Air conditioning also pertains to cleaning the air and adding humidity or taking humidity out of the air. When purchasing an air conditioning or heating unit you should consider the upgrades that are available such as:

Air cleaners available in the residential installation are up to 95% efficient. Whether you have breathing disorders, allergies, or just wish to have a cleaner house, air cleaners are an integral part of an air conditioning system.

Humidifiers raise the humidity level in the house to protect wood furniture, prevent dry skin, and help with breathing disorders.

Programmable thermostats will help lower the utility bill by allowing you to customize your thermostat to operate the air conditioning or heating unit according to your schedule.

Zoning Equipment allows you to have multiple thermostats which control dampers in the air ducts to allow different rooms to be different temperatures in the house.